Official Pre-Congress Satellite Symposia

All Pre-Congress Satellite Symposia will be held between Friday, July 13 (full day) and Saturday, July 14 (half day), 2018.  Tickets for the Symposium can be purchased through the ICN 2018 Registration System, which is now open.

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Ghrelin Symposium


  • Dr. Zane Andrews, Monash University, Australia
  • Dr. Alfonso Abizaid, Carleton University, Canada
  • Dr. Suzanne Dickson, Sahlgrenska Academy, Sweden
  • Dr. Jeffrey Zigman, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center,  USA

Date:  July 13 – 14, 2018 (each will be half day sessions)

Location: Pier 2 & 3, Westin Harbour Castle Hotel, Toronto, Canada

Ticket price:  $50.00 USD 

Includes:   Access to the session, morning & afternoon tea break and lunch.

Details:  This session will focus on the novel developments in the field of ghrelin research. It will encompass both the neuroendocrine and endocrine actions of ghrelin.

Sponsor:  Journal of Neuroendocrinology (Wiley Publishers)


  • Keynote by Dr. Roy Smith
  • Two half days starting in the afternoon of the 13th to allowing for arriving registrants
  • Trainee Poster Session
  • End of Satellite Social


Friday, JULY 13th  Afternoon Session:
Regulation of the Ghrelin System

Arrival and Registration

Alex Johnson
“Ghrelin modulation of mesolimbic circuitry and
incentive learning”
12:55 - 13:00
Welcome and Introduction

Anthony Goldstone
“Influence of deacyl (unacylated) ghrelin infusion on food hedonics, reward, preference and intake:
a human functional neuroimaging study”

 13:00 - 14:00
Plenary Speaker: Roy Smith
Lorenzo Leggio
“Developing novel medications for addictions by
targeting the ghrelin system: recent clinical data”
Afternoon Scientific Session:
Ghrelin & Behavior

Suzanne Dickson
“The ghrelin experience may not be so pleasant”

16:20 - 16:45
Poster Blitz

Ki Goosens
“Elevated ghrelin drives maladaptations following
chronic stress”

16:45 - 18:30
Poster Session

Poster Board Question:
"What is the primary action of ghrelin?"

Bernardo Stutz
“Mechanisms of GHSR-mediated protection of
Substantia nigra dopamine neurons”

SATURDAY, JULY 14th  Morning Session:
Regulation of the Ghrelin System

8:30 - 10:10
Morning Scientific Session:
Regulation of the Ghrelin System

Birgitte Holst
"Translation of ghrelin receptor mediated
signaling to in vivo function"
10:10 - 10:30
Morning Tea Break

Julien Sebag
"MRAP2: a new essential partner of the ghrelin

Daniel Kaplan
"LEAP2 is an endogenous antagonist of the
ghrelin receptor"

Stephen Brimijoin
"Manipulating ghrelin levels by viral gene transfer
of ghrelin hydrolase for stable therapeutic impact
on obesity, anxiety and cancer"

Maithé Tauber
"Dysfunction of the ghrelin system in Prader-Willi
syndrome: a therapeutic perspective"

 10:30 - 12:30
Pre-Lunch Scientific Session:
Ghrelin Potpourri
Jeffrey Zigman
“Ghrelin as a survival hormone”
 12:20 - 12:30 
Closing Remarks

Jeff Davies
“Stem cells in the adult brain – a role for ghrelin in hippocampal neurogenesis & learning”

Scott Kanoski
“Hippocampal ghrelin signaling and
conditioned aspects of feeding”

Virginie Tolle
“Ghrelin-derived peptides in eating disorders”

Yuxiang Sun
“GHS-R in inflam-metabolism: our quest of nonorexigenic roles of ghrelin signaling”

Jenny Tong
“The role of ghrelin in the regulation of insulin secretion”

Parental Brain 2018: Biological and Behavioural Perspectives in Parental Health

Parental Brain 2018 Organizing Committee:

  • Frances A. Champagne, University of Texas at Austin
  • Liisa Galea, University of British Columbia
  • Joe Lonstein, Michigan State University
  • Jodi Pawluski, Université de Rennes 1

Location:  Pier 4 & 5, Westin Harbour Castle Hotel, Toronto, Canada

Date:  July 13 – 14, 2018 (full days)

What:  International meeting of experts in the study of parenting, the parental brain and broad issues of parental physical and psychological health.  Symposia, keynote lectures, panel discussions and trainee poster presentations.

Registration Fees:

Regular – Early Bird (until April 15th, 2018): $250.00 USD
Regular – Late (after April 15th, 2018):        $300.00 USD
Trainee* (students or post-docs):       $200.00 USD
Invited Speaker:          $200.00 USD    

*to be eligible for trainee registration a letter from the advisor with the institution affiliation and the trainee level must be sent to for approval


Abstract Submissions for Poster Presentations – Deadline is April 15, 2018

All trainees interested in presenting a poster at the meeting can submit their abstracts at:

Questions: Contact us at or visit our website at

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