Trainee Travel Award – Now Closed

The ICN 2018 Congress and its supporting societies are committed to supporting the attendance & participation of as many trainees as possible.  Travel Awards will be available from the following societies to Trainees who submit an abstract to ICN 2018. 

Trainees must be a member of the society which they are applying to.  If you are NOT a member, please visit their website to become a member before applying.  

*Two INF Awards, with a focus on stress, will be awarded as “The Protagenic Therapeutics Award for Innovation in Stress and Addiction Research”, sponsored by PTI.

Please note that each society will have their own review and application processFor more information on what the Travel Award will fund, please contact the society directly.

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Key Dates:

Eligible For:

Funds will be administered from each society and the amount awarded will vary from each fund.  The Trainee Travel Award will fund at least $500.00 USD for registration and/or travel cost.  The amount awarded will be confirmed by each society.  


  • Applicant must submit an abstract
  • Applicant must fall under the student category; Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student, Post-Graduate Student, Fellows and Trainee
  • Applicant must be a member of the society which they are applying to
  • SBN Student Members are also eligible to apply as long as they belong to one of the societies they are applying to.  Note that if you are member of SBN, you are also a member of the INF
  • Applicant may only submit one (1) Trainee Travel Award Application to one (1) society
  • Multiple applications to each society will not be recognized
  • Must be a member of the society that you are applying to, or a member of the INF

*Additional Criteria for the INF Award:

  • All undergraduate and graduate students are eligible
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows must be within 5 years from the PhD degree, and preference will be given to PhD fellows, unless an MD Fellow can make a case for financial need.


The deadline for all Trainee Travel Award Application is February 7, 2018, 23:59 (PST).

How To Apply:

All Trainee Travel Award Applications must complete the following in order be eligible for the award.   Please ensure that your application (as a single PDF document) is labelled as <First Name Last Name Travel Award Application>.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.  Please submit only one (1) application to one (1) society:

  • Completed ICN 2018 Trainee Travel Award Application – submissions are now closed
  • Abbreviated CV, which includes degrees, awards & publications only
  • One (1) letter of support from your research supervisor (maximum 1 page). The letter of support may include a statement of financial need (optional).
  • Proof of an abstract submission with no outstanding balance:
    • This can be a screen shot or PDF copy of the Abstract Submission Confirmation E-mail
    • The abstract number, title and author must be clearly listed in the proof and must match the information listed above under Abstract Submitted
    • Abstracts whose payments have not been received in full will not be considered

To Submit a Trainee Travel Award Application, please submit your application to the specific society below (One Submission Only):

  • To submit your application & documents to the International Neuroendocrine Federation (INF), submissions are now closed
  • To submit your application & documents to the French Société de Neuroendocrinologie Expérimentale (SNE)submissions are now closed
  • To submit your application & documents to the Pan American Neuroendocrine Society (PANS), submissions are now closed



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